NIKI – Drive On

Drive On – NIKI Lyrics Letra:
The blades are dull now
The armour’s dented
The water’s cold and still, like us

We shiver badly
Our teeth are chattering
But it’s not out of fear this time

Coz the beasts have scattered!
Our story stains the ground
The bloodbath’s over now,
So drive on, mm
Drive on, on, on

When the tide’s low, the rubble’s high
We only grow when the light rises,
in new horizons, so
When you go left, hope you see right
It might be dark so turn your headlights,
headlights on,
And drive on, mm
Drive on, on, on
So drive on

Oh, children of the moon
May we grow, oh may we bloom
And don’t look back,
the future looks like you and me, so we

Drive on, mm
Drive on, on, on
Drive on, mm
Drive on, on, on
So drive on

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