NIKI – Tide

Tide – NIKI Lyrics Letra:
Tide is high, moon is drunk
Vessels sailed, sailors sunk
Waves of sound, sea of sharks
Catch you off your guppy guard

Glossy lips, lavish lies
Before you trust anybody think twice
Harpoon hands warm you fast
Hook you smooth while they pat you on the back

Tear you at the seams
They don’t ever seem to flinch
So here on out (here on out)
Hold your own (hold your own),
Stand up tall (stand up tall)
Make it known (make it known)
You won’t fall for it ever again

Never again fallin in traps
Swim into nets, I’ll slip through the cracks
Bring on the storm, bring on the tide
Never back down, you’ll see me rise

Always alert, always aware
Always keep track of who’s there
Always keep track of who cares
So many sharks here beware

While you try to win everyone else
You’re doing it losing, you’re losing yourself
Don’t get distracted, don’t get compelled
Don’t let em capsize your health

Whether it’s west, whether it’s east
Whether alone or together with fleets
Bring on the night, bring on the tide
Bring on the- bring on the- bring on the-
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