Nines – Lights

Lights – Nines Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Nines
Lie, lie, lie, somebody tellin’ lies on me
Know what happened last summer, why’d you lie? Oh
(Zino Records, hahahaha)

Verse 1: Nines
My nigga asked me if I’m strapped, told him “Course I got the ting”
Fuck a middle man, I even get my water from the spring
Copped my chick a mink, got her lookin’ like a polar bear
Chauffeur outside and I ain’t goin’ nowhere
No one helped me in this maze
Doubled up my re-up then I gave myself a raise
Now I’m wealthy off the haze
Used to throw my shot a key’s
Now he owe me couple G’s
If we was in jail, I woulda thrown him off the freeze, uh
I was gettin’ paid before my deal
I ain’t ever had a job, my first payslip was a meal
Still remember all them dead nights
When my block was like Amsterdam
Bitches sellin’ pussy from the red lights
I did crops with the scousers
I had Glocks in my trousers
They was droppin’ me ounces
Now we’re shoppin’ for houses
I was pedalling pies of heroin
Rich nigga shit, I eat fries with everything, uh
There ain’t a summer I ain’t shell the block
Came through on R1’s doin’ twelve o’clock
When my album drops, the whole world should stop
And my new crop’s louder than Jurgen Klopp
It’s Nines

Chorus: Nines, Louis Rei
I got nothin’ to lose, it’s just me against the world
It’s just me against the world, uh
I got nothin’ to lose, it’s just me against the world (Yeah, uh)
It’s just me against the world, uh

Verse 2: Louis Rei
I’m that prolific, holistic, grown misfit (Ah)
Fam, I’m like a shaved dice cah I roll different (Trust)
Yeah, I’m from the western so you know I know Smith and
I’m a thot, get me lit, only right we pole gripping
Strip clubbin’, with a honey coke sniffin’
Said it’s my turn, nah babe, you just go innit
With my nigga Master P, told me that there’s no limit
We done kicked doors, tellin’ niggas “Put the cold in it”
Listen, it’s just me against the world
Or it’s ego, that just means it’s me against myself (Facts)
Family, I’m tryna redefine the L’s
Life’s like the drug game, you gotta realign the scales
Link Nina under the Burj Khalifa
Never let me pay the bill but I got you on the rebound (My nigga)
Yo, at least let me pay for the service
I ain’t religious, still link Nines at the churches, facts

Chorus: Nines
I got nothin’ to lose, it’s just me against the world
It’s just me against the world, uh
I got nothin’ to lose, it’s just me against the world
It’s just me against the world, uh

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