NoCap – Joy-Den

Joy-Den – NoCap Lyrics Letra:
Yeah, yeah
(Ayy bro, is that Jambo?)

Verse 1
I seen my momma lightin’ candles ‘cause the lights was off
So with or without you, I’m gon’ ball
One of my n****s hustle, the other does scam
Quick to zip a n**** up just like 28 grams
I respect my cougar bitch, I’m always callin’ her ma’am
That n**** texted daddy brother, that’s just Uncle Sam
All I wanted was some space when I was in a jam
Locked up in the cell, there really wasn’t no joy-den
Leave that lil’ boy on the cement, streets turned me to a man
Ain’t no way that I’m running, sticks on this Sprinter van
I’m so high up, the critics wanna see me land
I flew the bitch in, I guess that’s just my way payin’ for that
Give my opp a bald head, we gotta cancer that
Ain’t talkin’ on no Apple phone, that shit’ll get you jacked
I’m not a serial killer
Was a psychic as a lil’ kid, I knew I’d be bigger
I did this get all by myself, I don’t owe none of you n****s
My Glock pay half of the rent, boy, I stay with my pistol
My n**** quick to hit a lick, he got a tongue like a lizard
Forever ride by myself, Ion’t need no n****
Only thing I need to save me is this rear-view mirror
Smoke a whole bag in the ?
Why the hell is ? if you got racks on me
Kill you in ? McQueen’s if I catch you lacking
Drown that boy in .223’s, I’m tellin’ you it’s that deep
Last night, I was askin’ God to pray my n****s back
First thing they told me, “The good times don’t never seem to last”
On my pop’s I’ma pop a n****, I put that on my daddy
I don’t care if you outta town, they gunnin’ for that bag
They either drive or they land doe, that shit be sumin’ like magic
?, got pistols in my ?
Soon I start doggin’ her, she tried to fall in love then
You think it’s cool to post your nudes, girl, I know you not my only fan
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