SIMP – NOCLOUD Lyrics Letra:
Hammer go click
Put a leash up on yo bitch
All she want dick
And that man he is a simp
If he wanted money over pussy he would win
He gon take a burner to his chest for talkin shit
She a lit lil hoe
Makin money for the dome
Give the bitch a little coke
And she put it up her nose
Ima fuckin asshole
If she want it she can have it
born into the world
Ima hustla im a savage

Ain’t no way I’m payin, fuck he gon do?
He a bitch he a cappa he ain’t got a tool
I’m got OG money I’m a fuckin goon
I might scam you for your savings fuck your honeymoon

And yo mans i know he flodgin he ain’t bout that life
got no money or the power never tote that pipe
I got gold up on my teeth yeah that’s expensive bites
i got partners that’ll wake you in the middle of the night

Don’t do that
You don’t wanna see the outcome
Cuz this bit gon blast
Put you in a fuckin coma
Push ya wig right back
I don’t wanna have to call em
We gon break yo back
We gon send yo to the morgue
And I’ma
Count my stacks
lil hoe I’m like dahmer
I don’t feel that bad
Bout the shit that i encountered
In my dark ass past
It was them or it was me
I let this blick go bap
And I’ll sleep until the morning

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