Open door – Chris de Burgh

Letra “Open door – Chris de Burgh” Official Lyrics

Time is on my side
We’ll be home before the morning
With this evening’s tide
We will sail in with the dawn;”
So said the weary Captain
To his loyal men
“And soon we’ll see from years upon the ocean
Our home again;

Fill your hearts with pride
For it’s every man among you
Who has given all, and beside
There are new lands we have found;
We have seen the wonders
At the far ends of the world
But nothing to compare to our dear homeland
But oh the stories, so many stories!

We’ve fought with Pirates hand to hand
Plundered treasure, taken land
This in the name of God and King
All the livelong day, all the livelong day;
We’ve seen fearful monsters from the deep
Mountains high where Devils sleep
Saved poor souls from the roaring sea
All the livelong day, all the livelong day;

All the livelong day, now we’re coming home;

So take me down to the Open Door
And I’ll be on my way
To see the ones who’ve been waiting for
Our ship to come this day;
Lets drink a glass to the men who fought
The Bravest of the Brave
And sing a song on these golden shores
For we are home again;

We’re coming home, we’re on our way
We are home again

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