Oscar Lang – Mirrors


Oscar Lang

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

I hurt myself today, I fell down upon my face
No I didn’t feel no pain, cause other thoughts consume my brain
I took a walk at the Week Inn
I was thinking about myself
Just wondering bout’ my friends and my feelings are discontent

Look at the mirrors, they stare back at me
Time and time and time again wondering where I’ll be
Again, wondering where I’ll be

I lost my mind last week, when I carpooled for days, no sleep
Yeah I saw my life when I couldn’t see
Yeah I saw that, that it was too fucking cheap

La la la sing along
Cause I’m too fucking tired to write this song
And all that I’ve written yeah its all wrong
And I’ll tell you, it feels like it’s too long

Look at the mirrors, they stare back at me
Time and time and time again
Wondering where I’ll be
Again, wondering where I’ll be

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