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Letra “DEUCE THE TRUTH – Player Waze” Official Lyrics

Lil Baby see I’m thuggin think I’m Tupac
I feel safe with two Glocks
If Taz spin the corner twice it’s too hot
Two lots with with two drops
Ima hit the dash while she blow it top
Swelling from the pocket cash lumps that’s a tumor
It’s 28 for G Ferg
It’s finna snow here
All this Ice up on my neck
I’m finna start a new year
I could smell the money from a distance ima Cal Bear
Been praying on this shit
I swear to God it’s our year

I just put the eight on my back Bean Bryant With some real boys from the city South siders
We just kick back and play our role you should try it
I love that interstate but it get tricky then we flying look
Keep a baby a cuz it’s too many Niggas dying
Might hear that bitch knockin
Seconds later hеar a siren
Be Jumping outta toys coming through yo bitch ridin
From Haskell to thе park it’s mable strip until I’m dying

Come and take a Ride on the soufside
Bad bitches see me and they mouth wide
I got I got player ways
Learned to count my money through them dice games
I can’t help but be a real nigga
All the women love a real nigga
I can’t help but be a real nigga
She know that i’m a Soufside nigga

Im something you can feel
It’s bigger than the money i chase it just for the thrill
We all in a race to see who first to get a mill this fraternity is sacred certain tea we can’t spill
Fuck what y’all doin I’m doin the opposite presidential Beez I ain’t worried about yo politics
You know a real stand up
Honorary Memberz round this bitch not a fan club

I’m from the south side of the BT 1200 Haskell St. where you can find me posted outside with that shit on me sliding with this Ice I gotcha bitch on me
I’m well respected in my hood Park Street to Haskell
Prince to the Rosewood‘s
Yeah I got my chains from the dice game lost Larry and KC ain’t never been the same money

Come and take a Ride on the soufside
Bad bitches see me and they mouth wide
I got I got player ways
Learned to count my money through them dice games
I can’t help but be a real nigga
All the women love a real nigga
I can’t help but be a real nigga
She know that i’m a Soufside nigga

This shit in me not on me
This shit be coming from the heart
I grew up on Krakk Street 2800 to the park GFerg told me look you better always play your part and as a man you play hand always finish what you start
I dropped out of school early I was a youngin selling crack
V told me how to cut it buss it down and make a stretch
And Lil Baby I’m official I’m from the south and we the best she want that 1942 or Casa Migos nothing less

15 I was watching G for deal it
16 I was Riding around the south on 26s
Carpal tunnel from the money counter we far from a little putting pretty bitches in sports cars like Kleetus Mitchell
South Side Nigga free the top Shotta Free KI
Free the five Nigga
I made a half a million before you started coming outside Nigga
Riding drop top 28 on the side nigga

Come and take a Ride on the soufside
Bad bitches see me and they mouth wide
I got I got player ways
Learned to count my money through them dice games
I can’t help but be a real nigga
All the women love a real nigga
I can’t help but be a real nigga
She know that i’m a Soufside nigga

Outro from KI

Alex On The Rocks – Vacila

Vacila – Alex On The Rocks – Letra Lyrics

Salí a las 5 del trabajo mamao’
Nada que cobro y ya to’ me lo he gastao’
Le he escrito a mi ex todo despechao’
Y no ha contestao’
Oh no!
El tráfico me tiene to’ desgastao
Creo que apesta la que se sentó a Lao’
Y en la radio solo suenan dos pendejos
Que han pagao’

Quería ser millo pero no se me dio
Eso me puso depre pero el día siguió
Mi mae’ me dijo, sí usted va a estar teiste pues pa’ qué nació?
La vida es solo una so

Vacila la
Si hay una pena ve y olvídala
Con un shotsito de tequila la
Si hay una baby al lado bésala
O abrázala yeah!
Vacila la
Si hay una pena ve y olvídala
Con un shotsito de tequila la
Si hay una baby al lado bésala
O abrázala yeah!

Brindemos por aquel que nos esgañó
Por lo que nos comimos pero que nadie se enteró
Hoy bebo porque el jefe no me ascendió
Y porque hice un party y la vecina no se quejó
Hay poco en la lascena
Pero agradezco que no estoy en cuarentena
Tengo mis viejos, mis amigos y mi nena
Y si no hay nada me la como pa’ la cena

Quería ser millo pero no se me dio
Eso me puso depre pero el día siguió
Mi mae’ me dijo, sí usted va a estar teiste pues pa’ qué nació?
La vida es solo una so

Vacila la
Si hay una pena ve y olvídala
Con un shotsito de tequila la
Si hay una baby al lado bésala
O abrázala yeah!
Vacila la
Si hay una pena ve y olvídala
Con un shotsito de tequila la
Si hay una baby al lado bésala
O abrázala yeah!

Letras “Alex On The Rocks – Vacila” Official Lyrics

Porridge Radio – I Hope She's Okay 2

Letra “Porridge Radio – I Hope She's Okay 2” Official Lyrics

I associate you with good things
And I associate you with good things
And I sometimes can’t imagine anything at all
I sometimes can’t imagine anything

And don’t you have something to tell me?
And don’t you have anything at all?
And don’t you have something to tell me?
And can’t you imagine anything at all?

Because I associate you with good things
And I sometimes can’t associate anything at all
I sometimes can’t imagine anything

And don’t you have something to tell me?
And don’t you have anything at all?
And don’t you have something to tell me?
And can’t you imagine anything at all?

And I associate you with good things
And I can’t imagine anything at all
And I can’t imagine anything at all

Luc Roncato – prisoner

prisoner – Luc Roncato – Letra Lyrics

Listen to me
You can’t do the things like this
It’s getting so hard to breathe
In the air, you left me here to burn
Why you make me want
You here in my arms so strong
Do you think is fun?
Play with my feelings when you want
And disappear after the storm

You don’t even answer my messages now
(You) I wish I hate you now

And I
Can’t take you out of my head
And I
Want you where are the tears in my bed
When I asked you for that, please give me something but respect
When I ask about you
Was not a routine is cause I care
And I had to understand that
Was never real the words
But I
Don’t want you like a prisoner
In my heart, body and head

You to feel myself hurt is what I want to
‘Cause you post a fucking photo and let me bad
Not ‘cause you don’t said I love you
But ‘cause you said without feeling that
Make me imagine everything with you
Make me want you so mad
I wish I hate you darling
But I can’t stop wanting your smell in my neck
And I should
Care with someone best but my heart dude
Never want me mentally good
So fuck me instead of my mind for you
You are not there
Your responsibility is missing
I can’t stay here just freaking
So asphyxia me instead of my feelings

You don’t even answer my messages now
(You) I wish I hate you now

Like a prisoner, like a winner of your fucking love
Please give something that is out of your fucking world
All that you wanted, please tell me that I’m all that you wanted
Fucking tell me that I’m all that you wanted
Look at me, I’m all that you wanted

Letras “Luc Roncato – prisoner” Official Lyrics

Vertical Horizon – Falling Down (Live)

Letra “Vertical Horizon – Falling Down (Live)” Official Lyrics

Where does the time go
Spinning my wheels
Standing still
It’s like running on ice
I only gain a little distance when I fall
How did I become a molecule
In the concrete of this city
Indifferent to my endless motion
In a space too small to see
Nonetheless expected to be
I only get a little attention when I fall

[Chorus:]And I’m falling
Falling down
Falling down

Cursed with reason
In a world so defiant
Without conclusion
This is the story
The story we live out
And it is the moral too
Look at me I’m falling for you
Shaking, crying
Hating lying to myself
I’m tired of telling myself it’s OK
To be this tired
This sick and tired of the turns the world takes
And the people that it makes us be
And lately it appears to me that


I’m falling down…

Aragem – Finalis Actum

Finalis Actum – Aragem – Letra Lyrics

Like an innocent child
I try to touch the sky, I try to hug the stars
But nothing fits in my little hands
Everything overflows in my heart
Like a sea at high tide
Agitated, fragile

Letras “Aragem – Finalis Actum” Official Lyrics

Ced oi – Ivan

Letra “Ced oi – Ivan” Official Lyrics

Ванечка спросит
Кто все эти люди?
Идут отстранённо, шатаясь, куда
Их все носит?
И что с ними будет?
Ведь скоро на нас снизойдут холода

Зачем они вышли, судьбой обделённые
Странные дети колёс и дорог
Кеды в пыли и все джинсы разорваны
В лёгких дым никотина и смог

Туман их и даже как тучи без малого
Толпы затмили собой горизонт
Наша защита – дома обветшалые
И раненый каплями зонт

Бесцельные души, долгами обижены
Слушают суженные голоса
Речи простые, из*едены грыжами
Даже слова забирают назад

Брендовый пакет на груди как знаменье
И гордость внутри за чужие труды
Живут по заветам болотных растений
Намерения чистые как и пруды

Лежат под крестами, кругами товарищи
В зданиях старых, домах вековых
Город москва – вот это кладбище
Только оно для живых

Только их всех не затронет почётно
Наша безмерно слепая любовь
Все эти люди, давно обречённые
7 миллиардов гробов

Débora Evangelista – Cicatrizes

Cicatrizes – Débora Evangelista – Letra Lyrics

Fechando eu, os olhos meus
Eu posso ver Jesus na cruz
Seu sofrimento é demais e é até difícil imaginar
Que alguém consiga aguentar sofrer assim
Prego nas mãos, prego nos pés
Jesus está sofrendo
E sabendo eu, que tudo isto é por mim
Eu não me controlo, quando penso nisto eu choro

Ainda estou ali, parado
Olho para as suas mãos e lembro
Mãos que um dia Ele estendeu pra curar
Mãos que um dia Ele estendeu pra salvar
Mãos que um dia Ele estendeu pra abençoar
Mãos que um dia Ele estendeu pra dar vida outra vez
Agora são mãos feridas, furadas, marcadas

Cicatrizes que provam que Ele precisou sofrer
Pra que eu pudesse ser livre

Letras “Débora Evangelista – Cicatrizes” Official Lyrics

SOS (StraightOuttaSrinagar) – KOSHUR FLEX

Letra “SOS (StraightOuttaSrinagar) – KOSHUR FLEX” Official Lyrics

Yath haa wanaan koshur flex (x2)
Aess haa karaan koshur flex (x2)

It’s called Koshur flex (x2)
We embody the Koshur flex (x2)

Assi ha onni koshur flex (x2)
Seari karaan koshur flex (x2)

We catalyzed the Koshur flex (x2)
Everyone embodies the Koshur flex(x2)

Tufail’s Verse :

Toh ata mai kaha se d-town
Jaha thulle bhi tikte nai hai

So, where do I come from? Downtown (d-town)
Here, these petty policemen don’t stand a chance

Nowhatta kabhi aake rakho pao
Tumhare jaise hilte nai hai

Comе to Nowhatta someday
You will be shell-shockеd here

Mismaar kiye jaate maathe Shroud
Nishaane yaha chootke nai hai

Obliterated are the foreheads like Shroud
Targets here, are never missed

Ek saal pehle skills pa tha doubt
Abh bole bhai milte nai hai

A year back they doubted our skills
Brother – these hypocrites call us now

Bhidte nai hai saare keyboard gangsters
Bad bad karte khali instagram par
Koi fuck na dete sare diggaj pele
Koi dikkat bete ana jehlum bund par

Depth – these ‘keyboard gangsters’ lack
They just chatter on Instagram
Fucks – none given, we have defeated the Goliaths
Any botheration – Come!!! We can sort that at Jehlum bund

Channel band kare peeche padi CBI
Jo 2G pa chadaye gaane GB dhai
Hume dekh inhe hone laga zehni dabao
Mai 21 mein karau inka BDI

Channel barred, CBI after me
As I put out 2.5 GB songs on 2G data
Psychological pressure – our presence is to them
21 year old, I conduct their BDI

City lai map pa rap se chattabal
Track pa tairte hawal se ghantaghar
Khareede lakhs ye cap de dabakar
Laash mili calcutta rapper jo kata kal

We made the city noticeable in haze
Swaying on the beats from Hawal to Ghanta Ghar
Views on their videos- all bought, coated in a facade of captions
Identified that rapper’s body was in Calcutta

Suna maine jo bhi likha tujhe lage teekha
Dena chahe launde beef uska banata fajitah philosophy bari bars mein rap game ka nietzsche

My writings are too acrid for you, I have heard
Fajita – I make from your complaints, my bars filled with philosophy, I am the Nietzsche of the rap game

Straight Outta Srinagar motherfucker koi takkar ni
Udar khode teri qabr jidar milega kafan ni
Sifar se hum pohanche kidar kaano kaan koi khabar
Jodi jaise daft punk harder better faster stronger bhai

Straight Outta Srinagar motherfucker!!! Unmatched- we are
No shroud will be at hand where we dig your grave
Started from nothing, look at where we have reached while everyone remains unaware
Our duo like Daft Punk – just harder, better, faster, stronger, O’ brother!
Aatankki verse:

Maut hai bhai
Uthavu jab bhi mai khooni ye qalam
Baghavu londo ko hoker se Jhelum
Bole sab marhabba ahlen wa salen

O’ brother! Death it is
As I pick this blood-drenched pen
These lads run from Hokersar to Jehlum
Everyone responds in unison, “welcome”

Liya lapete Mai scene ko saal mai
Kare woh bar set likhe jo verse hum
Kare jo arz hum rakhe na qarz hum
Naam Mai wazan har thane mai darj hum

In a year, we have engulfed the (rap) scene
We set the bar as we jot down our verses
As we spill verses, debts get paid
Our names – omnipotent, every police station has them filed

Sathi khud garz kam
Razi hai mauqe pe jaan bhi dene ko
Bazi cheen londo k Pran bhi cheene jo
Faani har lafz kalam mai jahan jeene ko

Selfish – our comrades are not
Ready to sacrifice their life
We don’t just overpower them, we also devouver their souls
My words mortal, my pen a world in itself

Janam se baghi mere dost sare
Thode nake aise bache road na hai
Yahan bache bole bina thok daale
Verse mange mene kahan rokda de

Rebels from birth are all my friends
Broken checkpoints on all the roads
People get shot at here, willy-nilly, O’ Kid
They ask for verses, I demand the greens

Kill kara track pe bandh k koun tere favourite rapper ka bhi favourite rapper

Toh izzat se neeche baithke dekh
Upar tere favourite ka bhi favourite rapper

We killed roots of your articulations
Sit down! Look up!
I’m your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper, you will realize, as you look up

Nahi hota inse comeback
Har punch padhe gunjack
Barood bhare bumbag
Har bar mano gunnrack
Dege maut chote ghar bheth

Unable – they are to draft a comeback
Each punch hits like a gun jack
Gunpowder filled bumbag
Each bar balanced like a gun rack
Stay home. You will get killed, lad

Ladke yahan chowk mai rokke phodte
Bolte kissese zyda nahi

Guys here, stop people in the chowk and thrash them
To people, they don’t speak much

Bande nichodke chodh mai thodhte
Koi bhi kissi pyda nahi

Blatantly, these guys beat ruthless
Pawns in the game, they are not

Sehar mai log hai khuaf ko oudke
Chene jo sirka sirhana bhi

Shrouded in fear are the people of the city
Snatched here, are head-rests too

Ab hasil har shaqh hai mile jo Mauke
Tu bhi gawana nahi

Every indulgence is within reach now. Opportunity – as it presents itself
Do not throw away the shot

Switch :

Beat ka kara jo bobby tabadla
Khatam har saaz tera tu samaapt haan
Baaja foda tera leke rabaab
Naa upar sateh kare na de muqabla

Bobby! As the beat was changed
Finished were your melodies, over – you were
Broke your accordion along your rabab
Don’t pop your head up, don’t challenge us

10 saal se ek he meter woe keechad woe bars woe schemes woe dard woe dukh oh shit
Maaf karna off beat hota adatan

Since 10 year – same meter, same blame-game, same bars, same scheme, same pain, same grief, Oh shit!
“Pardon me. Off-beat, I went outta habit.”

You ain’t a killer tune stuna nahi bada pun
Cse kusu jaana aesss haa baaj hew aan alaaqan
Csetith rapper tihind taan baraan lifaafan
Kyuho legacy dyut naar tuhndyan dukaanan

You ain’t a killer, complexity – you are unaware of
We extort the areas. Lad! Who even are you?
We chop these rappers, their organs packaged in polythenes
What legacy? We burned down your shops

Kitaaban yina bi demho toih phyur
Roooziv naa kunki tuih gobro

Fear me evoking the books
Paltry – I’ll leave you

Rikadaan tuhindyan naa prechaan waen shuyrr ti
Tuhundd hyyy maslayyy aess moklov

Irrelevant are your song even among kids now
Extraneous – we have made you

Aslai csea sapdyoy waen karakh kya retith cse csorui bandook

Your arsenal – empty. What’s the point of you holding that cartridgeless gun?

Azlai cse moklyokh waen logui kath choun yi hokhui rasooq

Removed – have been your roots, what’s the point of your illusionary clout?

Rouz lobbb, pothur rattt, beh thoda taapas
Yi dose gobbb gobur yinnn chokhh lagi myaadas
Drogyos bi ponse ti viewi mye navas
Yinn jinnn gachi prakkas di hook yinne wapas

Move aside, sit down, soak some sun
Heavy – this dose, might churn your stomach
My value – inflated, views – are in my name
Return my hook or startled – don’t be when the spirit is summoned

Aesi ha Karann koshur flex x2
Saeri kariv koshur flex x2
Saeri waniv koshur flex x2

Amanda Tays – Vem Sobre Mim

Vem Sobre Mim – Amanda Tays – Letra Lyrics

Ouço tua voz me chamar
Sinto teu espírito em mim
Sei que se faz presente aqui

Sei que o amor que tu sentes
Por mim É incondicional
E não ah outro igual

Morreu na cruz por mim
E se entregou em meu lugar
Ninguém jamais faria algo igual
A prova do primeiro amor
Por mim Jesus tudo suportou
Por isso eu canto e glorifico

Vem, sobre mim Espírito Santo
E faz o renovo neste lugar
Vem leva essa dor
Trafsoma em amor
Em alegria, me capacita Senhor

Letras “Amanda Tays – Vem Sobre Mim” Official Lyrics


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