Painkiller Party – Our revenge

Our revenge Lyrics

Painkiller Party

You thought you’d break me, you fucking pig
You never thought I would resist your game
You betrayed me, stupid dick
But you are nothing but sick and lame
I am not crying, I am not sad
My heart’s just filled with hate und rage
You tried to kill me, I am not dead
And all I want is fucking revenge

My crew stands behind my back
Your crew stabs you in your back
I would have been loyal to you
Now cope with the revenge of my crew

We will destroy you
I will defy you
We will destroy you

You caused me pain
Now I’ll cause you pain
We will destroy you

We’ll crush your bones
We’ll make you moan
We will destroy you

You took advantage of who I am
But times have changed and so I realised
Now I am famous, you push the pram
But I bet that you still fantasize
About my loyalty which wasn’t fake
Did you notice you made a mistake?
Your blood is running, your bones, they break
Now it’s your head on my stake – on my stake!

Your blood on the floor
I’m cheering for more
We will destroy you

Painkiller Party

Our revenge Lyrics

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