Parius – Spaceflight Dementia

Letra “Parius – Spaceflight Dementia” Official Lyrics

Drifting along through a starless vacancy
Confined within these iron walls, a vile technology
All the whispers that would rend the quiet sleep
Confined within these iron walls, a den of secrecy
My fears aligning
It hurts me so, I will not go blindly
A wild, roaming, misled route
Corrosive specter of doubt
On writhing, intertwining pathways in pursuit of sounds that exist beyond perceived reality
Extrasensory receptors activating to anticipate the faintest and the fleeting vibrations
Pulses of energy!
Is that the signal that I’ve been seeking?
It’s just cosmic background radiation from the Epoch of Recombination
Interspersed through constellations
Receptors at maximum capacity
Limitation reached, so close to what I need
But it’s overloading now
Dead set on reaching what I’ve always sought
Betting all on this, betting all that I have lost
Spaceflight dementia creeps into the mind
Delirium, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
Undulating lines, the colors now collide
A ripple bleeding from the ceiling in undulating lines
Kaleidoscopic, mezmeroptic, hallucinogenic trines
Breaths, short and fast
Oxygen consumed at last
Light, it came to me, a gleam in my eye

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