Paul Russell – Gave You The World (feat. Montell Fish)

Gave You The World (feat. Montell Fish)

Paul Russell

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Well I heard the earth would feel smooth if I could hold it in palm
On a sphere this big those hills don’t roll so tall
Knowing I’m a speck on a globe could be the goal of it all
So I look up and wonder who built for me the home on a ball

Well I
I drove on top this ball
For what felt like days
And I pressed my hands to the fringes of time and space
And hell cant wipe this smile from my face
And hell cant wipe this smile from my face

He told me oh child, I gave you the world

But I can’t seem to get this through my head
‘Cause I just scream and kick and cry and beg
Bite my nails about this daily bread
But that’s just fuel to to do the things you said

‘Cause I want more as if that’s why I’m here
But I exist to see you in the fear
And see you’re God and see it so sincere
And join the choirs in stanzas loud and clear

(Montell) I was lost and on a cloud he came
Into my heart and I’m amazed just at the thought that I am loved
I was hoping for a dime and change ‘cause money rules
My everything and reefer smoke was blowing in my face

I know that God saves stoners
He can change you make your pain go over
He will reign just as my king Jehovah

Children in Israel
We were roaming like infidels
Probably evil as witches spells
And if I gave you the world would you give me your heart?
Honestly just have it all, God

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