PAWS – Anything Worse

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Anything Worse Lyrics

Being lonely in bars
Listening to songs you love
Rum and whatever they have to keep me
From push to drive
Bum a smoke
I hate your incoherent rambling
I’d do anything to disappear now
Amongst all things
Passing the house we kissed in
Before you died
Searching for people that I left behind
Faceless lurkers will always run this town
I know them all by trade
I have memories of things that never happened
Wits and patience shrinking thin
Invite you around but I won’t be in
Telling yourself that this is the last day
Soaking your scarf with tears on the subway
Is he the one that you’ve got a thing for?
Is she the one that you have been searching for
Refresh your balance every hour
Throw a smile to the wave that comes in
To wash our lives away
I’ve been wandering around Glasgow
Hoping that we might brush elbows
I can’t think of anything worse
Than pretending that I still love you
Is there anything worse
Then sharing a life with someone that no longer
Loves you?

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