Peach Pit – Adidas

Adidas – Peach Pit Lyrics Letra:
Looked up from the neck to see you off stage, looking like you haven’t changed
Your hairs the same and your adidas are still stained

Thought I’d stand by you there as Harley played but I’m pretty drunk again
And feeling lame, ‘cause off my shit is where I’ve gone since you

If I could I’d just keep on looking down
And leave my eyes at your adidas
But I can’t ‘cause I’m no good
At leaving them where I should
No I can’t

Outside from the club and lighting up
As you happened out the front to say what’s up while trying not to sound drunk

Paco’s freaked right out by Alycia’s gaze ‘cause his Jojo’s been away
But for like one day
Yet off his shit is where he’s gone since you

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