PESTILENCE – Morbvs Propagationem

PESTILENCE – Morbvs Propagationem Lyrics Letra:
Riding the winds of disease
Like Pazuzu but so much worse
Spreading the virus with such ease
Breath in this blackened curse

The Oxygen is now filled
With the purest of Hate
A Billion souls are killed
We all share the same faith

Hiding, Lying, Spying, Riding the wings of DEATH

Humanoid life is a waste
Food for the Ancient Ones
Left Soulless death embraced
Planting new crops feeding new suns

Solo: Mameli

I see the future and it`s all Black
Human dna is under attack
By particles of the external Hate
With every breath you take

Solo: v. Noordenburg

Their Will is the new norm
Hailing from outer worldly spheres
This invisible enemy is taking it`s form
To claim, maim then disappears

Patrizio Mameli – vocals, lead guitars
Rvtger van Noordenbvrg – lead guitars
Joost van den Berg – bass
Michiel van der Plicht – drvms

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