PG RA – Lil Stepper

Lil Stepper – PG RA Lyrics, Letra:
Yeah, Yeah
Neeko You Made that mu….

Verse 1:
Lemme tell you ‘bout this lil’ jit
Ran off with 20 bands‚ he Mr. Counterfeit
And not to mention‚ it’s a Ese who he fuckin’ with
They introduced him to the Jefe‚ now he think he lit
They took a ride outta town, on some vibin’ shit
Had helicopters waitin’, ready – them lil’ choppa shits
He said “Lil’ bra‚ I’m finna take you where the product at”
Think it’s yo time to run it up & make a lot of cash
Now, lil’ jit ready, you know that’s right up his fuckin’ alley
But‚ he don’t know that one mistake could kill his fuckin’ family
& he don’t know that once you win, it ain’t no turning backwards
You either with him or you ain’t – but that’s when shit get tragic

Verse 2:
A couple months done passed by, and shit been goin’ smooth
Jit gettin’ fresh as fuck, but now, he just don’t go to school
He keep that weapon tucked, run up & you gon’ make the news
Stacked up some paper, went & bought hisself a 2-door coupe
Started fuckin’ on this foreign – Shit, I think her name was Blu
But she was older – he was 16, she was 22
So, she exposed his ass to certain shit he never knew
She had him taking trips, and doin’ shit he never do
But that’s the power of the pussy – when it’s wet, it’s gushin’
She givin’ head while they in traffic – makin’ lil one push it
Yeah, he got tint – but all that swervin’ got the police lookin’
They hit them lights, and he took flight
But fucked ‘round, left his pistol
Damn, he should’ve took it with him

Verse 3:
Now she goin’ through the system
Made a call later that night
Told him to come and get her
Jit paranoid, so he don’t really wanna deal with her
He know them narcs tryna make that lil’ bitch make a deal with him
If so, she gettin’ killed, nigga
‘Now, he gettin’ a call from his Ese
He say they got a meeting set up with the Jefe
I heard they got his sister caught up in a gun case
So he gon’ need for both of us to double up on our weight’
Now, jit just sittin’, thinkin’, like “ain’t no fuckin’ way”
He quiet as a mouse, ‘cause he don’t know what to say
He think them niggas wanna meet up, cause they know he to blame
Just havin’ fuck shit on his conscience, starting to fuck wit’ his brain
He packed his bag, & grabbed his racks, he finna skip a few states
And told his folks to try to go and chill out for a few days
What he don’t know is Jefe had some niggas outside his place
Open his door, before you know it – he caught 3 to the face

Lemme tell you bout this lil’ stepper
He barely go to school, but he still got his weapon
He be tryna play it cool, his teachers know he reckless
And he gon’ play it by the rules, but bend ‘em if you let him

Lemme tell you bout this lil’ stepper
His only role model was conficted felons
He keep the pole on him, yeah lil’ jit’ll wet ya
And he gon’ play it by the rules, but bend ‘em if you let him
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