Phora – Destiny’s Song

Destiny’s Song – Phora Lyrics Letra:
Hey I was just calling to see if maybe you’d answer
But it’s fine um… I just wanted to call and let you know that… I’m
(Falling out of love)
Breaking up with you
(Falling out of love)
I’m gonna ask you don’t contact me
(Falling out of love)
Please don’t contact me
(Falling out of love)
I’m breaking up with you okay?

You wanted more, I was never enough
You couldn’t see when we fell out of love
Told me to leave now that you feelin’ tough
Told you “I’m done” but you’re calling my bluff
You knew the truth, why you tellin’ me lies?
I always know all the feelings you hide
Know that you’re broke but still in disguise
I see myself when I stare in your eyes
You were the one I was dreamin’ ‘bout
I’m just not seeing how I gave you everything, you couldn’t see it
How can you just stand there and tell me you leavin’ now?
How could you-
I wear my heart on my sleeve and-
I hate you but I have my reasons
And you had your scars
I was showing you mine but you turned away while I was bleedin’
I see the image inside of my head
The way he touches you, the things that he said
I just wish that I could have loved you instead
I don’t wanna live, I’d rather be dead
You just don’t know what you did to me
I just want closure
I don’t want no sympathy, fuck…
I always thought that you were meant for me
But I guess everything dies out eventually
I was just hurt, I was lied to
Can’t make you happy, I tried to
Remember he was the one you used to cry to
Now I lie, thanking you, he’s beside you
All that we had, you let it go
Was I enough?
I’ll never know
Gave you my heart, gave you my soul
Gave you everything to end up alone… fuck

Falling out of love
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
Falling out of love

You were special to me
You were special
‘Til you let him touch your skin
He undressed you
And he kissed you
He excites you
But he’ll never love you like I do, I do

You took my love, threw it all away
Don’t have much to say about it
You took my trust, put it in a grave
Don’t have much to say about it
You took my love, threw it all away
Don’t have much to say about it
You took my trust, put it in a grave
Don’t have much to say about it

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