JEALOUSY DIE SLOW – Popcaan Lyrics Letra:
Yeah man yuh done know ah di Unruly Boss man
Ah wam to yuh man? (Weh! Yuh fuck)
Don’t run joke
Call joke and buss him face yah
Yeah kill badmind, ah wam to yuh man?
Kill badmind
Boop inna head and make him drop, baff

Jealousy die slow
Die slow
Wah mi name? (Weh!)
876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD

Anywhere mi pull up it’s ah shut down
Diamond ah shine pon di buss down
If yuh diss yuh get bullet wi nuh fuck ‘round
August Town, Uptown
Weh dem ah do, weh dem ah talk seh?
Bullet inna head and den wi walk ‘way
Rifle ah traffic pon e causeway
Pussy tell mi dem ah boss, and mi seh boss weh?

Weh di fuck yuh know mi from?
Greatness ah run inna mi family so long
St. Thomas native dawg, wi nuh fear no Satan
As man buy ah new ring, dem wan’ put it inna song
Suck unuh madda, please and thanks
[?] mi buss, it sing like Gramps
Full ah stacks, call mi di Brinks and banks
5th Genna Glock breeze pon box

Yow Squid!
Tell di pussy dem mek mi drip in peace
Or else dem aguh rest in pieces (Wah)
Waterhouse make bwoy fled from dem yard like Corona disease
Mi nuh fraid ah nuh bwoy
Nuh care weh dem be-e
Bullet buss yuh head inna tree
Make e nozzle run hot
When mi see enemy-y
Wet up anyone weh wi see

Wi nuh fear nuh bwoy, dawg
Nuh parrot beak
Badman find yuh anywhere yuh ah sleep
Dawg dem from day one like Grizzle, and Mickey, and Clap it, and Buzzman did deyah and zeet seh
Mi deserve di glory
Dem nuh know man story
Dawg mi nuh mix or play like Chrome and DJ Norie

Ray Gad
Who fool dem?
Feel seh ah chain alone mi got doh? (Haaa)
Gi’ him gyal ah backaz pon di backhoe
Full ah talk, dem ah mussi action show
Step pon dem ends wid di big bwoy [?] [?] truck ah blow, don’t feel like saxophone
Dela Vega [?] bwoy inna dem yard at home
One inna yuh eye, mi colder than Stockholm
Success ah kill badmind
Mhmm eee

Pussy dem ah pree mi
Want all fi demself, mi see seh dem greedy
Badmind ah murder yuh neatly
Dem cyan ever defeat wi
Ohh yeah
Style and mi success ah beat dem heavens
Buy-buy ah new house and ah shame dem again
Unruly thugs dem, wi nah beg nuh friend
Clap it [?] rifle bines [?]

Mi nuh fraid ah nuh bwoy
Nuh care weh dem be-e
Bullet buss yuh head inna tree
Make e nozzle run hot
When mi see enemy
Wet up anyone weh wi see

876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD
876, 876 GAD
Bomboclaat (Weh)
Anywhere mi pull up it’s ah shut down
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