Portrait – Phantom Fathomer

Portrait – Phantom Fathomer Lyrics Letra:

Above us all stands the governing force
Heaven sent to protect and to serve
And in its arms we find comfort and hope
At the cost of our self-sacrifice

Dressed up as liberty
Untouchable in all its glory

Phantom fathomer embrace us all
Come clear all our doubts
Phantom fathomer thy sweet caress
Shall wash away our sins

Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law
Nothing hidden, no conspiracies
Remain unarmed for the safety of all
And your betters shall guide every step

Holy book agreed upon by birth
Eternal goodness buried yet unearthed
The old lord died to give room for the next
No banner of religion, yet constant crucifixion

From the day when I came to know life
I no longer have trust in anything in this world

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