Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – Bitch, Park Backwards

Bitch, Park Backwards – Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1: Boobie Lootaveli
Walk up in the spot, make that bitch pop (Bitch pop)
Rollie is a forty, ain’t no tickin’ on this wristwatch
Pit stop, off-brand rappers, flip-flop (Flip-flop)
Man, it’s so lonely at the tip-top

Verse 2: Pouya
I don’t wanna fuck these hoes, but they wanna fuck me (Yeah)
My OG said he really miss the old me (Yeah)
Too well known, got me movin’ low-key (Yeah)
OE sippin’, got me liftin’ both feet, yeah

Verse 3: Boobie Lootaveli & Pouya
Fuckin’ up the road, bring them bags home (Bring them bags in)
Wouldn’t touch your bitch even if she had a bag on
Headfirst, chops make your head burst (Make your head burst)
I be smokin’ on ‘Woods full of pressure ‘til my head hurt (Ayy, yeah)

Verse 4: Pouya
Wouldn’t touch your bitch with a broomstick (Yeah, broomstick)
Keep it quiet, baby, tighten up them loose lips (Loose lips)
I make records, got no job, I never do shit
Sit up on my ass and put on for my district (Yeah, yeah)

Verse 5: Boobie Lootaveli
Stake me in a junior and a black Benz, no tints
So the hoes see when me and Pou’ slidin’ in
Broke boys pop like the tires that you ridin’ in
If you got smoke, got a hole you can hide in

Verse 6: Pouya
Never goin’ back to being broke (Yeah)
Sleepin’ on the floor, mama thought I was a joke (Yeah)
Now I’m doin’ well, still more hungry than before (Yeah)
Found a way to live with all these suicide notes, yeah

Verse 7: Boobie Lootaveli & Pouya
I eat what I want, I’m attractive (You dig?)
Got a money belly and I’m fuckin’ on an actress
Still trappin’ ‘bows for the practice (Yeah, practice)
I’ma step on her work, when I see you, I’ma tax it

Verse 8: Pouya
Your bitch suck dick for me and my crew
If you want smoke, then you can come through
Your bitch suck dick for me and my crew
If you want smoke, then you can come through
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