Prompts – Asphyxiate feat. Ryo Kinoshita

Prompts – Asphyxiate feat. Ryo Kinoshita Lyrics Letra:
what makes us asphyxiate

Broken Bones Blinded Eyes
Everyone is looking at our fingertips

Broken Bones Blinded Eyes
Count up the bodies that have fallen from your fingertips

There’s no such utopia in this madness

Tell me how you do it, it’s a matter of conscience, you don’t seize
Monopolize, con-suming everything for yourself
You don’t realize you’re just a counterfeit
Don’t try to mesmerize me
I can only taste the bitter(ness)

You see the system
Only through the screen of prism
The way you seem to be locked in prison
Is why you can never be in position


Pray for the plague yuh
Pray for the 부식된 패자의 밤
Covering your eye with them over the clouds
Distorted reality, Your feeling so proud

The fear left inside
The scars you have made
(Are crawling up to the neck)

The water rise up
Drag me down to deep
My eyes ears all shut
Constricting my breath

You’re fucking nothing
So don’t you fucking threaten me


The pieces on the ground
(Just look at the damage)
The hope in to banish

Wake up
Sleep one eye open
The fear left inside
The scars you have made
Are crawling up to the neck

Sleeping in silence, the death approach with violence

There is no option you choose between the path
We will asphyxiate no matter what we choose

The end we are going to, is the faith that we have chose
The polarization is what we have lead


Tortured, we suffocate / choke ourselves
Keep the stance we’ll decay
Corrupting down asphyxiate

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