Queen Naija – Love Language

Love Language – Queen Naija Lyrics Letra:

Verse 1:
I gotta little attitude right now
I gotta bone to pick with you right now
Need you to put your fuckin phone down
And meet me up in this room right now
I want your undivided attention
To release all this tension
Now come and tell me you miss it ..
Before I go missin’
Must I remind you that I got these n*ggas wishin’
Been actin funny baby why you actin different
My body speaking to you baby won’t you listen up?
I ain’t the type to get satisfied off of little recognition baby
And if you claim you know me so well

Can you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it
Could you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it

Verse 2:
Talk is so cheap, boy I wanna see
Shouldn’t have to ask,
you should WANNA please me
You should practice what you preach ..
Make me feel I’m the only one you need
I just need some more reassurance
I just need some time just to vibe with you
Boy what we doin?
You say I got the juice, keep it flowin
I wanna be touched on, rubbed on,
Feel every moment
Is that asking for too much ?
Treat me good I’ll treat you better
Get me high like you my drug,
No ones ever got me wetter
Imma need you here in 2.5
Off 2K and in between my thighs
Make me proud to call you mine

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