​r6o – ​blast🔫🔫🔫

Letra “​r6o – ​blast🔫🔫🔫” Official Lyrics


Talkin shit to me, boy I dont understand it
High up in the clouds, like I’m high up off the catnip
I don’t know how long I could ever fuckin last this
Thinkin’ I’m an asshole, left a bitch on blast yeah
Oh, look how the tables turned
Yuh, take me for a fool think i will never learn
Why, why, why should I give a fuck
Pullin me to pieces, (Aww!) guess I ran outta luck
I see demons at night
Fuck that bitch, get em out of my sight
I been takin hella drugs, just to have a good night
Shoot em in the head, sayin goodnight
Smokin mike pack
Shoutout to the bros who got my life back
(Oh my fucking god) Bitch give me a heart attack
Shotty with a Glock, got another bros autograph
Yeah, we gon’ take you out the picture
Woah, this ain’t no shitty cheap liquor
You ain’t speakin loud, no public figure
(Like camera action, we gon take you out the picture)




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