Randolph – Way Back ft. Futuristic

Way Back – Randolph ft. Futuristic Lyrics, Letra:
Yo, Game cube living, Mario Kart
I’ve been the same since the start
Ever since I was a teen, I had a dream
That I’m gonna take this rap shit to the stars
But nobody believed in me, come from a small village with the scenery
I’m just a geek with a mic tryna sell CD’s
Like, what the hell they gonna see in me?
But ima hustle, grind
Show them what the worth is
Write, lines, prove I’ve got a purpose
It’s a cold world, but I’ma keep working
Show ‘em what I got under the surface
Been writing lyrics since Sunday service
Murdering beats in the back of the churches
And was it all worth it? Well now at my shows I’m the one that they worship
Huh, and it goes like that
I make waves whenever I rap
When I get hate on the @ I laugh
Then sit back and count these racks
And I ain’t even made it yet
But Ima still decline until they pay the cheque
‘Cos I know the value
And ima still to me either with or without you
And I can’t believe that we came this far
Breakfast in bed on the boulevard
They can’t kill our vibe
Cos we’ve been true to who we are
And I don’t care what I’m earning
I’m just here for the journey
As long as you’re by my side

Let’s take it way back
Old School
In the Maybach
Making moves
We can lay back
Just me and you
Look how far we done came
Let’s take it way back

I came along way
Workin hard no off days
Livin room wasn’t living proof had a lil room like a crawl space
Scrapping at school had a clawed face
N****s was shootin in broad day
Stayed in my lane till I got paid
consistency never the wrong pace
Now I get racks paper no gift wrap
Gif rap how I spit bring the shit back
Rip tracks like cleats in a gym class
Get bags hit the street then I give back
Take trips overseas with the whole team
Courtside for the seats never nosebleeds
Eurostep for the check like Ginobli
Imma let my daughter ball like I’m Kobe
All I do is eat people like yoshi oh he shittin on em look how I did it on em kid came to rip opponents dropout skip diplomas flow is stupid like he gotta chromosone missin from him
sniff aromas flow dope better know that
lookin at my life now Why would I go back started wit a seed then I turned it to a tree even if I fall down jus know that imma grow back
I don’t sweat over nothin I can’t control that
back to gettin money gotta stack you can’t fold that
give it to my lady let the hold that
got her on my back like a throwback
I love the way she throw that
Hit the yacht catch a wave fa real
Kiss her neck on the deck that done gave her chills
Vacay for a week imma take the bill
Cuz I do what I Say i will
every time

Let’s take it way back
Old School
In the Maybach
Making moves
We can lay back
Just me and you
Look how far we done came
Let’s take it way back

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