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Rapture Ruckus – Volcano

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Volcano – Rapture Ruckus Lyrics, Letras:

Wake me up in the middle of the night
These dreams keep chasing me
Am I ever gonna exorcise these demons
I guess we’ll wait and see
Been walking these same old streets
For a thousand years it seems
I don’t wanna ever lose myself
I don’t ever wanna be caught refusing help
I don’t want to but I’m in a world obsessed with wealth
Convinced it can self-improve itself
I’m never gonna forget my roots
I’m bout to go and blow this roof off
Bout to blow and go and show
This world just who and what I’m made of

Can’t hold me down
Can’t hold me back
Bout to blow like a volcano
It’s not the end, time to begin
Bout to blow like a volcano
In the night sky, gonna burn bright
Gonna erupt like you’ve never seen it
It’s not the end, time to begin
Bout to blow like a volcano

And no matter what you’re going through
I know that you’re gonna make it through
Cause there’s nobody else like you
And nobody do it like you do
You’re one of a kind, limited edition, custom designed
You’re gonna burn brighter than a fire
Gonna blow ashes across the sky
So let me take a minute, let me make an observation
You’re the only one of you there’s no replacement
You’re the pinnacle of my God’s creation
About to blow high and defy gravitation
Chasing stars, hearts racing
You’re amazing, if it’s any indication
In a world of unlimited information
Beyond imagination, yeah you really got the skies blazing

All you’re gonna see
All you’re gonna see
Are the ashes, the ashes

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