Rasti – Digital

Digital Lyrics

See the thing is, after thinking all that time that something was like better or different..
I don’t know I’m just not someone I would ever wanna be around
It’s difficult to do things when you don’t like anything about yourself
When you think that you’re the…
I don’t know
I’m not a person you would wanna be trust me
I am very self centered
And there’s no way to really escape it if you think about it
It’s just kinda how you’re permanently gonna live
And I don’t like it I don’t like how the world works
And I hate…. I don’t know everything kinda

(Verse 1)
I mean what’s the point of this like honestly
I’m a person that I didn’t wanna be
I’m a person that I didn’t see in my dreams
When I was a little dumb kid but look what it is
I’ve lost all I was
Rejected the teachings and turned to the buzz
Tell me the person I am but don’t give a d***
Oh wait what I wanted to say was d***
D*** d***
I can’t even curse even tho honestly that’s how I speak
But seriously Clayton when did that become me s***
You don’t even trust her
Cause trust hurts

So where you gon’ go?Rasti – Digital
You claim that you’re actually inside your mode
But I see a person confused and abused who’s questioning everything that he knows
Tell me the point to the flows
It’s all for the numbers I know that you know
But if you admit it then your criticism of things your not living
Might actually float
I was there in the beginning
Before everything that you did was your sinning
I think that you know but you lie like your winning
I won’t keep assisting your miserable living
You feed off my energy watching the memories
Hate what it had to be gave you my everything
Really you don’t seem to want to get better you sit in your room crying writing these letters

(Second Intro) (Elon Musk)

(Incomplete lyrics updating soon)

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