Realestk – Patience

Patience Lyrics
Realestk – Patience Lyrics

Na, na-na
Ooh-woah, oh-oh, no, no
(Bordeaux and Non Native)

Verse 1
It’s been a while since you called me (Called me)
Baby, but why do you call me? (Call me)
And I am really tryna wait on you but you don’t wait for me, why?
Do you got problems with me? (Problems with me)
Baby, the problem was you (Problem was you)
And now I can’t even trust your love
Trust everything that you gave for all of this
And I saw it in your eyes
Everything you said was all a lie
Tellin’ me these stories, I heard twice
Baby, tell me why the fuck you lied? (You lied, lied, lied)

Patience and time, you take up all of my time
What’s yours, was never all mine (All mine, mine, mine, mine, yeah)
Never all mine, repeat it
One at a time, your secrets
Yours or were mine, you keep it

Verse 2
Got it when I said it, and you know that shit hurt
Everything I did and I still made it work
Put us in the past, you done put your ass first
Yeah, and I put your ass first
But you’re proud, baby
And now you really wanna save me, ee-ee
Baby, I don’t need no savin’
Baby, I don’t want no patience
Gave you all of me, it’s so long
Baby, you’ve been singin’ my songs
And now you be tellin’ me it’s wrong (Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah)

Patience and time, you take up all of my time (Oh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh, oh, ooh, oh, woah)
What’s yours, was never all mine (Never, ooh-woah, ooh-woah, no, ooh-woah, ooh-woo, ooh)
Na-ba-da-da, ah-ah, ah (Ooh yeah, was never all mine, was never all mine)

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