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Reality Club – A Sorrowful Reunion

aA Sorrowful Reunion – Reality Club Lyrics, Letra:
She wondered when the raindrops fell.
She wondered why her cheeks were wet.
And she entrusted a secret that I could not have kept.

I wonder where she is tonight.
And wonder why the dawn was so bright.
I couldn’t contain it, sank into the pavement.

The sorrowful reunion was inevitable.
Living an illusion, oh we were so compatible.
And I miss all the X and Os.
Do you regret the path you chose?

He looks as if he knows the way
So calm in his confliction
Though I know there’s a storm here, through his eyes I will hide my fear

I wonder why he’s so composed
Though life seems to hand out troubles on a tray
Well I can’t escape it, hid down in the basement

The sorrowful reunion was inevitable
Living an illusion, oh but we’re so compatible

And I miss all the X and Os.
Do you regret the path you chose with me?
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