REASONS BEHIND – Binary Stars Lyrics Letra:
Rage and fear flowing underneath,
distorting my reason.
Across the screen pieces of a self fell apart in a distant reality,
a mindless sanity I need to break out of
to find a remedy,
a cure for the thing that’s crawling deep inside of me.

Voices in my mind,
chilling up and down my spine.
Illusion breaks, the cracks too wide to ignore,
but still I’m here, light’s falling…

By the remains of the day
open my heart, chase the fears away.
Take me outside this dream,
let me see what you see
out of a world where my eyes go blind.
The spell of the night falls again:
binary stars set ablaze,
one more day turns to nothing
while memory like daylight fades.

I can’t find peace lost in slumber deep,
a daydream not to believe in.
Ain’t no jail, no chains ‘round my feet,
but there’s something that keeps me here, consuming everything.
The lie they just fed me with is stuck inside of me:
I can’t run away, can’t wake up from this dreamless sleep.

Voices in my head,
whispered words I can’t understand…
What happened to the life I had?
A secret to find and see.


Can you hear me? Help me leave this place, ‘cause time is slipping away…


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