(E)met – REASONS BEHIND Lyrics Letra:
Everything’s a lie…
If you could put an end to all this
would you set me free
or let me walk alone into the night?

The cards are down,
I revealed the secret:
behind the lie there is no fairytale.
I can’t find a meaning to this semblance of life and free this soul again.
I Can’t fight the tie that keeps me here,
trapped inside a crime where all my senses fail.
I try and fill the void, the drugs numbing my memory,
so I don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

Chorus 1
Save a frame to keep in your memory
and don’t ever let it fade:
it’s a place where you can always find me again,
when you want it.

Chorus 2
Help me break the link to the lies machine
selling dreams of you and me,
with my body forsaken,
no wounds to be healed,
the night’s my wake,
so now we’re standing in the rain of our tears:
we know that it’s time you let me go.
A new sun will appear,
let the past slip away,
keep on living.

Stuck inside a mirror world that’s fallin’ apart,
the scars in my heart will never fade.
Can we mend all the broken hopes inside this mind?
Just another vision: all the motives are gone,
an inner self torn into pieces…

and as I face another day, it’s so hard to find a way…

Chorus 2

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

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