Rebounder – Lovers



Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Feels like the air is changing slightly
The city still calls
I’m all yours
But I need a summer pass
Just one last time

I’ll carry it all for you
It’s just what I’ll do
I’ll carry it all for you
If you want me to

Were not insurance age
But we can see it’s coming from here
Get on your best Achilles’ heels
I don’t mind who takes the wheel

Anyone can read
My face, it’s not a secret
Make way for love behind that door
If that’s what you’re looking for

It’s getting too dark to know where we’re driving
I’ll carry it all for you
It’s just what I’ll do

I’ll carry it all for you
If you want me to

nobigdyl. – Write My Wrongs
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Kill Me Baby – Futari No Kimochi No Honto No
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Efidê – RJ Drill
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Dreezzy The Nigga – Running Around Till Late
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SOMI – What You Waiting For
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Tokyo Gegegay – Heart
Heart - Tokyo Gegegay Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) a tomō chotto de todokanai ropes sakenderu s.o. s ring no mannaka yabureta yume nande tsukurou? ikari? kōkai? soretomo ribenji? One, ...
J. Cole – Lion King On Ice
Lion King On Ice - J. Cole Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) You're everything, you're everything I got blood on my hands, I ain't gon' lie I got ...
LOHAM – Do Embarque Ao Fim da Linha
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Ministério Diante da Cruz – Estrela Da Manhã
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Jeremias – Mit Mir
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Grupo Firme – Nada (part. Santa Fe Klan)
Nada (part. Santa Fe Klan) - Grupo Firme Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) Santa Fe Klan (dilo, carnal) Y puro Grupo Firme (los de Alzada) Ya nada es ...
EL MR – Intemporal
Intemporal - EL MR Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) Deja de atacar que rebotara en tu sien Luz en las manos, invisible alma Ten, aquí la demagogia se ...
Elli K – Blurry
Blurry - Elli K Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) If you're gonna lie, don't tell me why You cover my mind as if it is all right Seized ...
MC G3 da Pds – Hoje É Sem Estresse (part. MC Niin)
Hoje É Sem Estresse (part. MC Niin) - MC G3 da Pds Letra. (Lyrics Music Video) (O jogo virou, Tu viu que eu mudei) O ...
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