REDD – Bounce

REDD – Bounce Lyrics Letra:
That s**t gotta bounce
figured I’d go out runnin my mouth, til they put this dog in the pound, ruff,
classic sound, with flows I found,
I’m in the field, you outta bounds,
I’m Makin’ deals, without selling out,
tell em redds comin for they head hittin with hammers like a nail on the head, damn it
Wad up doe
Gingerbread man with the gutta flow
Subtle with drip, like a summer hose,
Yellowstone heat, when I blow, you don’t want the smoke
CSGO I got the bomb, while the squad stay gunning tho
100 shots, put em on rocks, we can make a toast, that’s wonderful
F**k the world confront the globe,
Quarantined a few months or so
Corona kept me kickin concepts, I ain’t have the time to watch a tiger show
No fake wokes finna eat at my table
Pineal gland stay makin me fans
Wanna verse from the man, but the prices changed so
Signing the dotted line, commas on commas, I wanna see the bank bigger, borderline being problem, so I can feed all of my people, I’m honored,
Bad Braud, big ol booty like scarlet
Persona5 (fire), like Arsen
If you tryna bet against, let’s raise the steaks, put your Pokémon cards in
Yeah I got those too, 90’s millennial
Medical edibles,
Ready for interstellar travel, get me the coordinates, I’ll break a record bro
Tryna beyond us, Elon musk, REDD dot in the sky, like mars, I’m a product of stardust, making moves like a super star does
Finna hit em with a fire punch call me captain falcon
I just tapped out another album
Engineer, write rap produce, sang melodies, bitch I’m bragging proudly
Cardigan hangin loose, I’m going hard again in the booth, I filled part in ways no artist could ever articulate to see the truth


Holding it down for 1s I came up with
We know what We bout
Unless you f**kin or suckin or given bucks to me, then keep my name out your mouth
Come to my house, and you’ll get turned around when I tell you
To bounce hoe,
dip out, skkkrt,
I think I figured it out

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