Reduce – hannah’s flowers

Reduce – hannah’s flowers Letra /
hannah’s flowers

Letras / Lyrics:

Please stay awake
I saw her trace and her numb walk away
And had so many things
Going on in my mind that day

Summertime did not last long enough
I’m not right if I think I’m one of them though
I know I am dreaming cause if I wake up
The ditch off cloth is the snuff

Twisting the Sun
Off my own life
Cursed and dry
Like my time

She had many names
Drawn in her arms and wrists
But won’t you stay
And make me hope again?


I will meet you well someday
The amber inside res trays
Sleigh my bride
And took her while

Now, all lost in dawn
I dream of everything now gone
I dream of all and you
It’s in the backside of my head

And now that I’m leaning against the floor
And now that I’m one thought to ignore
I’m one to obey me

And now that my hands now kiss the floor
And now that I am one open encore
I’m one all around me

And I’m twisting the Sun
Off my own life undone
I dream of it all
And it is gone

It is gone
It is gone


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