Richter Overtime – SCREW Big Joey

Letra “Richter Overtime – SCREW Big Joey” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: ratlobber

Fuck Big Joey
You don’t be making the news, you don’t be gettin’ the views
Fuck Big Joey
All of your videos poo just like, like you
If I was Big Joey, I would end it all
I’d kill myself and give him a call
I wouldn’t leave notes, I would just cope
I’d get a rope and I’d tuck on my throat
I am Big Joey, man, I really suck
I am Big Joey, I don’t give a fuck
I am Big Joey, my TF2 vid
I am Big Joey, I suck on a kid


Verse 2: Richter Overtime

You are Big Joey and you are a phony
You are below me, I think you should blow me
Your muscles are huge but you still get no views
And your content is splooge, I think you should gеt screwed
Man, you’re scrеwed in the head and you’re screwed in the brain
22,000 views in your vid is insane
You have too many subs, man, that shit is a shame
Maybe go do another vid with Uncle Dane to get views
‘Cause you suck

Verse 3: ratlobber

Make a shitty ass vid, get 3K views
Nobody even watched it, so I can’t tell you about it
I didn’t watch that video, and I know you didn’t either
Nobody watched that shit, so I’m gonna do him like “Ether”

Verse 4: Richter Overtime

You are Big Joey, the worst TF-Tuber
You are Big Joey, log off your computer
I’m hanging out with my buddy Dacoobers
Fuck you, Big Joey, you suck on my pooper
You make doo-doo vids and they get no attention
I’ll whoop your ass to another dimension
Your videos are worse than Zenith’s
Every day, you choke on penis

Outro: ratlobber

Send that boy to Beavis, he a butthead
Big Joey, kill yourself, right on live on camera

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