Riviera Blue – Burning It Away

Letra “Riviera Blue – Burning It Away” Official Lyrics

No matter where I lay down
I can’t get no rest anymore
Every semblance of rest i get
Seems to walk right out the door

Even in the brightest sun
The wind sings my blues
I wish I could just go and run
But I haven’t yet paid my dues, now

My mind wants to lay down, yeah
I haven’t tried it yet
Maybe it could cure my blues
And help me pay my debts, now

I sit
It sparks
I smile
It starts, yeah

The same old wind’s singing
But the sun’s shining brighter now
Some peace the day’s bringing
It wipes the swеat from my brow

Oh, yeah
They say its magic when you’rе
Burning it away, yeah
Burning it away
Paint some color on that grey
Start us up
Burning it away

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