Rob Cantor – Abraham Lincoln

Letra “Rob Cantor – Abraham Lincoln” Official Lyrics

Mr. Abraham Lincoln
Stood six foot four
He kept us united
Through the Civil War
‘Cause he believed every
Person had the right to be
Unchained, liberated
Completely free

So, he rocked the nation
With a proclamation
The document advanced in emancipation
But the states in the south
Didn’t like him messin’
So, they said peace out
Hashtag succession!

Lincoln said, that’s not
Gonna work for me
I don’t agree with
The evils of slavery
He said the founding fathers
(Uh, uh)
Had a mastеr plan
And a house divided
Can’t stand

Abraham Lincoln was the man!
Abraham Lincoln was thе man!
(Spit it!)
Everybody give the guy a hand
(Uh, uh, uh!)
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln was the man!

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