Rob Cantor – Awesome Best Friends Day

Letra “Rob Cantor – Awesome Best Friends Day” Official Lyrics

We could start out with…
A super happy picnic at the park
Then hit up the aquarium
And watch them feed the sharks
It’s Sunny, it’s Saturday
Let’s go out and make
This an Awesome Best Friends Day

There’s archery, calligraphy, ecology, and more
All the thrilling possibilities
Are right outside our door
There’s auctioneering
Human bio‐engineering
Look, the day is disappearing!
Come on, Scratch
Let’s go!

We could float in silence in a deprivation tank
Or hunt some evil pirates and make them walk the plank
We could high five while skydiving
What do you say?
Won’t you join me…
For an…
Awesome Best Friends Day

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