Rob Cantor – Just Give

Letra “Rob Cantor – Just Give” Official Lyrics

Just give (Give back)
Give what you can (Give back)
It’s time to prove you’re not a jerk
Come help your fellow man
Just give (Give back)
Whatever you got (Give back)
It doesn’t need to be a lot
But we’d prefer if it’s a lot

(That’s not enough)
Give more (Still not enough)
Give more
When you stop and think about it
What do you really need your money for?
– Uh, food?
Oh, yeah, that’s a good point. Here ya go…

In cash! (Give back)
Your 90-inch TV (Give back)
Your cryptocurrency (Give back)
Your giant SUV
Which, to be honest, you should probably consider selling anyway
Electric cars are affordable, and reliable
And we could each do a little bit more to decrease our carbon footprint

Everybody pitch in
Write down your ATM PIN (Give back)
Take a look inside your heart
Then liquidate your assets
And give (Give back)
Give us money (Give back)
Just give (Give back)
Give us money (Give back)
Just give
Us money

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