Rob Cantor – Together Forever

Letra “Rob Cantor – Together Forever” Official Lyrics

Together forever!

My best friend and me!
We’re sticking together for the rest of eternity!
”Oo-oo-oh, hold that pose.”
”Ah, look at your little face.”
”Let’s do this!”

We’ll be joined at the hip, forever and ever
Like an insane surgeon sewed us together!
‘Cause we’ve got a bond so deep, it touches my soul
”Why me?”
And you’ll never be alone, ‘cause we’re never apart
Like a parasitic worm, I live in your heart
It’s you and I, best friend for life!
With no chance of parole!

Together forever!
(I’m sticking to you!)
Together forever!
(Like poop on a shoe!)

It’s gonna be…
”I give up..”
My best friend and me!


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