Rod Wave – Fire & Desire

Fire & Desire – Rod Wave Lyrics Letra:
(Ace Lex got a full one)
Yeah, ooh

I’m sippin’ that lean, I’m tryna get me some sleep
Re just popped another bean, he gon’ be up for a week
I been up for a month ‘cause my problems too deep
I just lay in my bed, look at the ceiling, and think
I just told my lil’ cousin to stay a child while you can
It’s a cold, cold world, you probably won’t stand a chance
And these bitches say they love you, be tugging all at your pants
They ain’t looking for love, these bitches looking for bands
And this life so confusing, some things you wouldn’t understand
Why this bitch tryna fuck me knowing this bitch got a man?
Boy, these hoes be embarrassing, that money, I cherished it
I took it and buried it, my daughters inherit it
They can’t understand me, so they judge me because I’m different
A million-dollar nigga still posted up in the trenches
Your role models play they role on television
My role models sold dope, died, or went to prison
I gotta thank the Lord for the hand that I was given
I jump on the stage and make 80K in thirty minutes
But my lifestyle ain’t always been Bimmers, Bentleys and Benzs
I had to walk a couple miles to get in this position
That real shit (Nah, for real, you know what I’m sayin’?)
Oh, this that real shit (Ayy, you gotta preach to ‘em)
Oh, this that real shit, yeah
What I say?
It’s gon’ take me a minute to try get over that pain
I was too busy running to know I’m winning the race
ATR look like Young Money the way we ride with them Dracs
Can’t believe I made it, I love and hate it, baby (Nah, for real)
Fire and desire, fire and desire, yeah (Uh)
Fire and desire, fire and desire, uh
Fire and desire, fire and desire
Fire and desire, fire and desire, mmm, yeah
Fire and desire, fire and desire, uh-huh, mhm

(Ace Lex got a full one)
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