Rodrigo Barros – Brave New World

Brave New World – Rodrigo Barros Lyrics Letra:

When I read all the news
I see crimes and destruction
People dying homeless
Political bringing our darkness

Waves of violence
Corruption and misery
Are washing over the world
And creating hypocrisy

Some clever people sell
The fake happiness
Which smart asses buy
But just find their sadness

Brave new world
Come and hear my yell
Brave new world
Don’t throw me to hell

I don’t wanna live in a nightmare
With a lot of fear and pain
The scream of the master
Will flow in my veins

In this battle without guns
Its not allowed to cry
For the dead victim
Killed by my mind

Living with angry and agony
We try to be survivors
Fighting with fury and strength
To protect our own lives

Letras Rodrigo Barros – Brave New World Lyrics

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