Rox A – Situations – ft. Shudhita

Situations – Rox A ft. Shudhita
Lyrics, Letra:
these situations
changes us who we are
these situations
always tear our hearts apart
these situations
are the reasons to deny
for the sins and the vice and the evil
we did to survive
these situations
these fucking situations

when you love someone and
you feel everything is perfect
and then day comesout when
the only person aint worth it
reality works on lie
we were just there for try
time calculations
are so prefectly precise
for the love,for the life and relations
when they arent required
these situations
these fucking situations
these situations

wish we could just bring back time
or we could just make whole thing right
maybe all of this is just a big game
thats how characters we became
and we are facing levels
these challenging levels
are the reason to think high
to future and energy transformations
to make
broken heart alive

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