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Royce Da 5’9” – Anything/Everything

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Album Book of Ryan

Lyrics, Letras da Musica
Anything or everything
Anything, everything
White people decide between anything and everything
My people divide between anything and everything

Grew up in the hood between anything and everything
White people enslaved us, made us just do everything
Now they just encage us, divide us up and everything
We snitchin’ on each other tellin’ everything
Buy from other colors, sellin’ everything
That vodka was my crush but now I’m just on everything
The landlord just kicked my mother out and everything
But why the fuck my people always rentin’ everything?

‘Cause we don’t own anything
We don’t stand for anything
And so we fall for anything
We wasn’t born with anything
We don’t control anything
And we don’t own anything
And we don’t learn anything
So we don’t earn anything
We sell our soul for anything
We sell our soul for everything

Mom and papa used to fall out over everything
I’m at the mall, I’m spendin’ all I got on everything
Money and the power, bitches over everything
It don’t make sense if I ain’t livin’ for everything

‘Cept we don’t live for anything
Niggas kill for anything
We dyin’ over anything
We killin’ over anything
Killin’ over anything

“America will always side with those whom she can direct, give orders to, and have those orders obeyed.” – Minister Louis Farrakhan
“There is no police brutality.” – Sheriff David A. Clark
“God bless America.” – Don King, nigga
(Paper tears)

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