Rubby – 7 Powerful Reasons to Opt for Online Videos Hosting Services

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Hosting services are one of the pillars of today’s digital revolution. An online video hosting platform is a software that allows content creators and publishers to manage, store, transcode, publish, track, and monetize video content on their channel. But is it a good decision to opt for a video hosting platform, and would it significantly impact our marketing strategy?

According to reports, the global online video platform market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4 percent between 2021 and 2028, reaching USD 22.85 billion by 2028

This article will discuss the seven most compelling reasons to opt for a video hosting platform

7 Powеrful Reasons Why You Should Opt for Online Video Hosting Sеrvices

Easy Usability
The user interface of video hosting platforms is designed to be extremely simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, these hosting services handle many of the complex processes associated with video uploading. As a result, video hosting platforms are ideal even for inexperienced video editors or marketers

Improves Audience Experience
We face several challenges when we host videos on our servers, including limited storage space and bandwidth. This reduces user engagement because only a few people can watch the videos on our website simultaneously

On the other hand, a video hosting platform provides the necessary bandwidth and server storage space for loading and streaming video files, resulting in a more enjoyable video viewing experience

Increases Website Responsiveness
Website responsiveness is crucial in ranking websites at the top of search engine results. So, videos and video players need to be responsive enough regardless of the device it is being viewed on

When we opt for a video hosting platform to host our videos, it automatically uploads them in all the relevant formats and sizes required for getting maximum responsiveness

Improves Load Time
About 40% of users think a website should load in two to three seconds; if not, they will leave the portal. A video hosting platform helps increase website-user engagement by increasing site load time

As per stats, increasing the loading time from eight seconds to two seconds results in a 74% increase in conversion rate

Improves Search Engine Ranking
When our website load time reduces and shows excellent responsiveness using an online video hosting platform, our website retention rate increases, and we gain maximum organic traffic. All these factors are essential in improving search engine rankings, and a video hosting platform is specially designed to take care of our video’s search engine optimization

Advanced Video Analytics
The goal of marketing is to generate leads and sales, which is entirely dependent on the performance of our content. And we must overview the performance tracking and analyse accordingly regularly

Video hosting platforms are very influential in providing deep and robust video analytics and producing reports of those metrics

Provides Security and Privacy
To ensure our video reaches authenticated users, we must keep our content private and anti-pirated. By using online video hosting platforms, we put our best foot forward in preventing your videos from being easily pirated. These platforms protect our content by incorporating a variety of security measures such as encryptions, passwords, and firewalls

Best Video Hosting Service:

Vdocipher is one of the first video hosting solutions that pop up in discussion when video security is a prime concern. VdoCipher with its video hosting platform helps e-learning & media businesses to host and stream their content on the website/app in the most secure and smooth manner. If you are a business owner looking to monetize your video content, VdoCipher is the ideal video hosting solution for you. VdoCipher aims to protect revenue losses against video piracy with its secure video hosting solution. VdoCipher has made it at the top of the list of the leading video hosting solutions in 2022
VdoCipher Features-
DRM technology – Encrypted video streaming
Dynamic watermarking for tracing the original video source
Multi-device HTML5 video player
Offers a comprehensive Dashboard, intricate analytics, and helpful plugins
30-day free trial (no card details required)

For so many compelling reasons, failing to choose a video hosting platform is never a good option for any business, as they are required for successful video marketing. So it’s time to get ready and boost your marketing by selecting an online video hosting service

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