Running Star – Aint No Love

Letra “Running Star – Aint No Love” Official Lyrics

One thousand miles
I’m just coming for you

One thousand miles
I’m just coming for you

I’m coming for u you mean it
Drop messages on reply haven’t seen it
Haven’t seen it haven’t heard it
Why u so left you ain’t worth it
Crying crying crying crying like a baby girl
All time all day like a clumsy swirls
Lazy day lazy life u so fucked up
Me making money I’m so high up
Rocking Jaywalking on the street wears
I’m so moving fast my future says
Popping a benz dropping some cash in LA
Bitch baby life is GTA
Shooting a shots making a movies on a road trips
I’m not on a call so text please
Living life living luxury so cash ya cheesy cheese

One make down
On the move
Right now I’m growing up some groove
Put your drinks baby please be side
Now I’m gonna make you mine

For the better
For the feel ya
Driving me crazy
You so deal ya

That smile
That rain dance
Now come in baby
Take you mine now

Take you mine now
Take your time now
I’m coming for u
U be fine now

Close your eyes
Close my eyes
Let’s we
Make a first night

On a date night
I’m seeing now
What u wearing
I’m dreaming now

I’m dreaming now
That’s so fun
Your lips are
Giving me goosebumps

Drinking drinking
All night long
Hug me hug me
Tight strong

Blue blue eyes
Caty caty style
Please be baby
Take the last ride

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