Rygin King – Blue Note

Blue Note – Rygin King Lyrics Letra:

[Intro] Yuh know eh guh..
Stars and di moon…
Higher and higher [?] [Bridge 1] Shi come fi get high and now shi in love
Shi look inna mi eye shi si di window
Stop a Neptune an’ den guh Plutto

[Chorus] Shi skin out fast shi si di blue note
Mi blast eh Benz full force
Versace pon mi shoes
Mi garments white like Glucose
Couple Rifle brand new
Mi jewelry a shine like Jewel store
Affi dweet mi did too poor

[Verse 1] Yow a mi response fi it mek mi tell dem
Shi light up eh spliff
An’ all night shi a whine pon mi
Mi mek shi cough
Pumpum get wet to bomboclaat [?] Draws fi yuh gyal a weh yuh tek it off [?] Wi chop it up and package it and den mi sen it off
Mi seh mi living like El Chapo anuh [?] talk
Can’t catch mi off guard mi know weh fi braff
Mi put mi family pon a Chapa in a di Bahamas
Yuh naah guh si mi any weh caah mi nuh commonas
Mi bill a mansion out di game
Tell dem fi ave mannas
Dem honour dat
Custom AR wid two car an’ a pan a shot

[Bridge 2] Anyway
Mi mek shi get high like shi deh pon di moon [?] An’ gyal yuh pum pum tight yuh coulda use a real bad man

[Pre-Chorus] Put di d**k inna har thoughts
An’ shi nuh use throat
O gawd daah gyal yaah too cold
Bet yuh nuh know shi like blues
Mi mek shi come hard an’ mi nuh use force
Shi seh mi lie but Jimmy true
Shi look in maah eyes and seh di dream come thru
Link couple girls and mek mi thing come thru
Sour diesel tun har inna nincompoop

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Ye ye ye ye ye
Yuh dun know
Yuh know how wi dweet inna eh Trops
Enuh magics
Ye dawg…

Rygin King – Blue Note

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