S-X – Come Alive

Come Alive – S-X Lyrics, Letra:
talk to me crazy
i need to be hearin that
had you and lost you
and now i need you back
i need june 2017
back in my life
doing it right
nothing touching the vibe
that was the time
it was right
we would lie
down and look in the sky
at the stars
all night

yeah I know
Through my eyes
Yeah I see
I was lost
On your ride
But im here now
meditating on and your vibe
Im wanting you here right now by my side
When im with you yeah I come alive
crazy how Inside feels just outside
Here we go
Let me go
Let me go
Here we go
Let me go
Let me go

Im busy blocking pain
With no remedy
And when I’m ready to say it
You’re not hearing me
I know that you’re in a different place right now
And you’re forgetting me but dont forget how
Im levels above all the shit that we did
never would I let go of all of this

I dont wanna fuck with you
I dont wanna lie
Its more than something to do
Its more than a vibe
i dont wanna lie no more
I dont wanna lie
you’re not into the lies
no You can’t analyse

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