S-X – Dangerous

Dangerous – S-X Lyrics Letra:
When people try to put me down
And I don’t wanna be around
I just wanna walk alone
She don’t want me on my own
Because I’m dangerous
That’s when I’m dangerous
I’m losing the war with my thoughts
Lock the door
What I saw is I’m too damn Dangerous

And I’m thinking bout suicide
Doors on my whip
Fuck it baby you can drive
I don’t care where we going nah you decide
But this the last time that imma let you
Cause I still think about the shit that you did to me
Funny how I am the one who’s gotta live with it
But I’m over it now look at what I did with it
Telling stories all about you and they listening
If you could look into my mind yeah
It’s crazy what you’d find there
I could’ve ruined your life yeah

I should’ve used my time here
A little more wiser
I guess I’ll never know why yeah
But when I let go
Will you let go?
I know you won’t.

You don’t know what I been through
My thoughts are unusual
Thought I was in love with you
But I guess I’ll go again, yeah
Cause I ain’t got the time for the fake shit, no way
She’s always on my mind imma take it slowly
I cannot let my emotions take over
But I let em go again yeah
And there’s something about you I’m watching lately
If I’m honest I’m doubting that imma make it out this race
I don’t feel safe
I hate to wait
And I’m done chasing
Out the hate
I’m out of places
I can take my mind to get off you

You know it’s a lie
I’m noticing why
I hold it inside
Cause I know how I’ll react
And only you know how I mean that
Oh yeah

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