SABATON – Angels Calling (Lyrics) feat. Apocalyptica

Angels Calling (Lyrics) – SABATON feat. Apocalyptica Lyrics, Letra:
Sent to kill, to watch no man’s land
Snipers are moving unseen
Fight for land, to lose it again
Shrapnel is filling the air

Hell on earth, the trenches mean death, better keep your head down low
Charge their lines, the ultimate test it’s a synchronized sacrifice

Get the wounded after dark
Left alone in no man’s land
Maddening chaos at the front

Dream of heaven
Angels are calling your name

Shells and guns, a rifle and scope
Bullets are wearing your name
Losing track of time and of space
Midnight at sanity’s edge

Losing friends to artillery shells, at the break of dawn
Break their will, as yours has been broken, they’re here alone, dream of home

Charge at dawn to gain a yard
Scout at night to guard their lines
Leave your life in fortunes hand

When the bullet hits it’s mark
Know your time in hell has been served
You won’t return to home
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