Sacramentia – Black Psalm

Black Psalm


Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Miserable lives
That are reaped
For your writing

False glory
Unreached by your battles

Innocent blood
That drips off
From your clothes

Crucial fall
Forever cursed!

They are sold men
By the name of God?

Dark wars
So blind as the ways of faith
Sexual crimes
Exonerated by their priests
Rape your vows of celibacy
Bastards sons
Are aborted with no mercy

By the rules of church

Fear anger indoctrination
Untwist the words
In pure fascination

Greed, desire
Dirty domination

Sacrifice, humiliation
Total submission

Deliver us from evil
That comes from man
Filthy hidden
Behind the holy name
Blessed ostias
Will never save them
Of eternal fire
They will pray in vain

Deliver us from faith
Of distorted creed
For those who crave
Fortune and ruin

Now and at the time of our death
Father, son and the holy ghost

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