Sadurn – Lunch

Letra “Sadurn – Lunch” Official Lyrics

I tricked you, you fell for it – didn’t mean to let you down
I don’t know what I wanted, I was trying to figure out
You said can I come over – got to get out of the house
And I know what you’re after but I don’t have it right now

I’ll go out to State College cause I still am tangled up
And you said it makes you nervous, well I think that’s fair enough
You’re too sweet too sweet I wanna eat you up for lunch
But it’s not what I need I have just been getting stuck

So right now you are walking to the el train to go home
And I tried to be straightforward but I think I got too close
I promised I would tell you if there’s something you should know
So I just wanna do the right thing kiss your head and go

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